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You're probably not surprised to learn that we have opinions. You may, however, be surprised to learn that we always tell our clients what we think. It may not be what they want--or were expecting--to hear, and they may not agree with it. But when we speak our mind, there are no surprises. And when clients know we'll speak our minds, they know they have a trusted advisor. Herewith are some of our random thoughts (okay, opinions) wrapped up in 100 word snippets. 

The 100 Word Blog

Hashtag Overkill
Teen Driving Troubles

Someone once said Twitter is like walking into a room where 1000 people are all shouting at the same time. We disagree. It’s often more like walking into a room where one million people are all shouting at the same time. Hashtag overkill adds to this perception. We’ve seen tweets with seven hashtags, which is about five too many. Those tweeters are just throwing out hashtags, hoping they’ll get noticed. Much like standing in a room with 1000 people, shouting out random words, hoping to get noticed. In both cases, it’s just noise. Please help the twitterverse: avoid hashtag overkill.

You may have noticed we’ve done a lot of work promoting safe teen driving. There’s a reason we’re so passionate about this topic: vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for teens between 15 and 20 years old. One big reason? Poor training of teen drivers. Consider this: the average 16-year-old soccer player has had 1500 hours of coaching, yet many states require just 50 hours of coaching for a teen to get a driver’s license. If you’ve got teen drivers, spend a little extra money and get them some proper training.  It could save their lives. Or yours.

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