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Who we are

We're a small, nimble PR firm, but first and foremost we're storytellers. We think creatively and strategically about how to tell your story so that it engages clients, generates positive media coverage, creates business opportunities and leads to measurable results.



D3PR was originally founded in 2001 and was named in honor of the three brothers--Paul, Willy and Al--who ran Davis Hardware in the small town of North Baltimore, OH. The three brothers Davis helped customers find solutions to their problems, always with a smile and a sense of humor. We do the same at D3PR.

About our founder...

D3PR was founded  in 2001 by Dan Davis, a public relations pro with a knack for thinking creatively AND strategically.


Dan has worked in numerous industries--tire and rubber, motorcycle, healthcare, banking, manufacturing, automotive, agency--and with leading brands--like Triumph Motorcycles, Dealer Tire, Soft-Ride, Earnest Machine, Eaton Corporation, KeyBank, University Hospitals of Cleveland, Kumho Tires and GolinHarris International--providing him with a broad palette of experiences and PR skills.


Dan is happiest when he's moving. And that's a good thing, because his business travels have given him the opportunity to practice his PR skills from the Florida Keys to the Pacific Northwest, from Southern California to New England, from Seoul to London and numerous points in between. But no matter where his work travels take him, he always carries the values learned in the small Ohio town where he grew up:

  • Work hard

  • Say what you'll do and do what you say

  • Treat everyone with grace, dignity and respect

  • Take time to smile and laugh at yourself

  • Always persist



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