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What we do

We all have baggage that shapes our perceptions, our realities and our solutions.

That's why we always leave our baggage--and our preconceived notions--at the door.


And then we listen to you. And not just to reply but to understand. We want to know what your vision is for your business, what keeps you awake at night and what gets you excited to come to work each day. Then--and only then--can we come up with the PR recommendations that will help move your business forward.


We love events. Why? Because the right event will make your business a beacon in the sea of neverending clutter that is today's world of PR & marketing.


We thrive on the challenge of opening doors and bringing together the right parties to make your event do what it should do: create a lasting, positive impression for attendees AND create opportunities for your business.


Likes are nice, but what are you doing to engage your fans and followers? We help clients sort through the clutter by making your content clickable.



We're firm believers in integrated marketing. That's why--and you may not hear a lot of other PR firms say this--PR should be just part of what you are doing to promote your products or your business.


With that in mind, we work closely with your marketing partners to make sure we're all on the same page and can develop a truly integrated and strategic PR plan. And if you need more than just PR help, we can turn to our team of experts.


Everybody needs content. Whether it's for social media, web sites, videos or print, we create content that helps your company shine. Here's an example from Earnest Machine:

Measuring Performance for Exceptional Customer Service


Hands-on product launches are still one of the best ways to introduce your latest, greatest product to the world. We've helped Triumph Motorcycles launch the Thunderbird LT and Commander, Bonneville T120, Bobber Black and Speedmaster at events all over the country. Here's an example of the results: Triumph Takes on Harley with Thunderbird

Yes, we still practice traditional media relations, and the key word in that practice is "relations." That's why we work to build relationships for your company with key journalists and influencers who can tell your story to the world, resulting in stories like these for Dealer Tire:

Dealer Tire's Quiet Billion-Dollar Business

Dealer Tire Revs Up Long-Vacant Victory Center


Whether you're sponsoring an event, cause, team or artist, it's important to activate the sponsorship. Public relations is one of the leading--and most cost effective--ways to ensure that you're getting the most for your sponsorship dollars.


We helped KeyBank and Kumho Tires reach desired audiences and garner exceptional media coverage with Key to Safe Teen Driving, a unique public relations program that helped raise awareness about the fact that car accidents are the leading cause of death for teens. The program helped this issue by providing free defensive driver training to teens and resulted in outstanding media coverage and measurable results for the sponsors.

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